A note from the author about the third volume: 


In Volume III I describe the existence of the human soul from the perspective of all of Earth's prior civilizations. The book begins with my description of the time that humans came to Earth due to their own free will to join with other souls and create a wonderful, Light civilization. The main building material of this civilization was True Love and Faith in God. Because of true Love and deep Faith, this civilization worked out the Eternal Higher Laws of Life, which remain in each human being today. This civilization created a great power which became the impetus behind all mental activity. This inborn Divinity was passed over without a slightest change from generation to generation. Peace and complete satisfaction emerged from this great activity of the Higher Mind for millions of years. Dear reader, looking at Life from this perspective will help you understand what life is truly about, which will allow you to correct your own life. I will narrate each stage of the downfall of this great civilization, which will give you the opportunity to not only recognize own mistakes, but also avoid them in the future. The Laws of Life that were worked out in the First Civilization are still present in each human being but are almost completely forgotten by most people. The Laws of Life will enable you to free yourself once and for all from compulsive thinking about the lack of Good in which you live in on a daily basis and locate your true being. You will become convinced that the control that your compulsive, mistaken pretensions have over you is only an illusion. In reality, you have power over them but you don't use it because you don't realize you have it. The knowledge contained in this book will lead you to Power and Wisdom. You cannot be serene, strong, persistent, and secure without them.

General description:

Wanda Pratnicka presents the Universal Laws ruling our Universe over the span of approximately two thousand pages in her new book consisting of four volumes. These laws have the same impact on our daily lives as they do on our overarching concepts of spiritual development. The author often raises extremely complicated and deep questions, presenting them in an exceptionally simple way. Her work is easily comprehended by experts in the esoteric field and novices alike. An expert will find the correct way to interpret the studies of the greatest Teachers of humanity, and the beginner will find explanations full of truth, peace, and light concerning all areas of daily life. The book discusses the entire range of what human experiences consist of. It raises questions corresponding to physical space, as well as higher worlds including the etheric, astral, mental, causal, and higher. This work is intended for people interested in spiritual development, as well as people who constantly work on improving their situation, whether it be emotional, material, interpersonal, etc. Volume I and II contain further explanation of all phenomena mentioned in the author's previous book, Possessed by Ghosts: Exorcisms in the 21st Century.

A note from the author regarding Volumes I-IV of In the Wheel of Life:

Dear reader, in this book I would like to present Life from a broader perspective and lead you step by step through all its stages. I talk extensively about a soul, to make it clear to you Who You Are in Essence and to let you know what caused you to come to Earth. This knowledge will help you discover meaning in your experiences and what the purpose of your life and the lives of those close to you is. You will find out how the distant past influences your present life and what will happen with you when you are separated from your physical body. These are very essential matters because this knowledge has an influence not only on your journey here on Earth, but on the entire range of experiences each human shares while going through the transition commonly known as death of the physical body. Information contained in this book will allow you to look at life from a completely different perspective, free of fear and the illusions you have accepted as the truth until this point. Everything that I present here is already known to you on the deeper levels of Your Being. Hence, my role is only to remind you of what you already know."






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